My Self Refelective Journal

Tuesday, February 21st  2012

Today is first meeting with Mr. Wahab  at classroom  in English For Biology 2 at semester 2. And today we are begin to study. At the moment, we have study about Ability, Function and Cycles. This chapter we should be able to describes the ability, function and capacity of object in scientific manner. Which one is to describe the different abilities between living and non living things For example :

a. Inanimate object

can chair speak? No, chair can not speak

can chair move? No, chair can not move

b. Living things

can a snake breathe? Yes,  a snake can breathe

can a snake fly? No, a snake can not fly

Now, I feel is different. We have more serious when studying, and I think it so challenge  for me.

I hope tomorrow and latter, I can studying more serious and to be more intelligent female university student   and in the future, I can get my vision(dream). Amin.


Monday, February 27th  2012

Today, we have studied about Function in the human body. In this part, we should explain function of part of the human body. For example:

  • Ears, function: for hearing
  • Brain, function: to controls the nervous system
  • Eyes, function: for seeing
  • Nose, function: for smelling
  • Mouth, function: for speaking and eating; etc.

Mr. Wahab ask Dana and Rozi to practice in front of class an list names part of the human body and what the function. And at the moment, Mr. Wahab ask s to read and translate an article. We have to try translate and read because Mr.Wahab will ask us to trying speaking. it’s so god, because can help us to trying and become more good and fast to studying.


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